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Repeat Prescriptions

A computerised repeat prescription system is operated to provide a quick and efficient service to those authorised by the Doctors to have repeat prescriptions. Patients on repeats will need to see the practice Pharamcist at intervals in order for their medication to be reviewed.


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Other Ways to Order your Prescriptions

Please only use these methods if you have no internet access, otherwise we would prefer you to use the online method above.

  1. By Email:
    Email your request to admin.bhwc@remove-this.nhs.net
  2. By Post:
    You can post your repeat order form to the practice.
  3. In Person:
    Place your repeat reorder form into the grey box at the front of the waiting room.

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When will my Prescription be ready?

Prescriptions will be ready for collection in three working days if you will be picking the prescription up from the Surgery.

Prescription Collection from Surgery Times

  • Ordered Monday morning, ready for collection Thursday afternoon.
  • Ordered Monday afternoon, ready for collection Friday morning.
  • Ordered Tuesday morning, ready for collection Friday afternoon.
  • Ordered Tuesday afternoon, ready for collection Monday morning.
  • Ordered Wednesday morning, ready for collection Monday afternoon.
  • Ordered Wednesday afternoon, ready for collection Tuesday morning.
  • Ordered Thursday morning, ready for collection Tuesday afternoon.
  • Ordered Thursday afternoon, ready for collection Wednesday morning.
  • Ordered Friday morning, ready for collection Wednesday afternoon.
  • Ordered Friday afternoon, ready for collection Thursday morning.
  • Ordered Saturday, ready for collection Thursday.
  • Ordered Sunday, ready for collection Thursday.

Prescription Collection from Pharmacies

For those that request their prescription be sent to a local pharmacy then the time will be dependant on that pharmacy. Please contact the relevant pharmacy for an indication of the timescale.

Public Holidays

Please request repeat prescriptions well in advance of public holidays, etc.

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Collection Points

Patients can either collect their prescription document from the surgery, or directly from a chemist of their choice.

In order for prescriptions to be collected from a chemist, patients need to nominate a chemist to receive prescriptions electronically (preferred option).

Electronic Prescriptions Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. EPS enables repeat prescriptions to be sent to pharmacies via a secure internet link, this allows you to request your repeat prescriptions to be sent to a pharmacy of your choice, regardless of where you are in England, to be collected by you or a relative at a more convenient location rather than having to travel to the surgery.

Electronic Prescriptions Service leaflet.

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Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a member of the clinical team once a year to review these regular medications. Notification should appear on your repeat slip.

Please ensure that you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions, and ensure any necessary blood tests are done at least 2 days before the review appointment.

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Good Medication Management is Important

Please preempt ordering prescriptions to avoid medication running out.

If you are given 28 days of tablets and you have 7 days left, order your new prescription.

It is good practice that repeat medication is regularly reviewed so that you get optimum care. Please make note of the review date and make an appointment to see a member of the clinical team, ensuring all relevant blood tests done before this.

If you are going on holiday you should take a list of your medication with you. In case you have a problem ensure you have enough medication to cover your holiday. Some countries also need a doctor's letter to explain the medication. Check with your travel agent. There maybe a charge for such letters.

If you have elderly relatives ensure that they have an adequate supply of their medication.

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Useful Information

Please do not order a repeat prescription more than 7 days before it is due as the prescription cannot be processed.

Each drug has two names - the generic and the brand name. Where possible we use the generic name because this is usually much cheaper for the health service. Due to this, you may notice a change in colour, shape or size of your drug. Do not be concerned by this, you are still receiving the same drug of the same quality, it is only the appearance that has altered.

Please book your medications review appointment in advance, to take place at least 10 days before your medication runs out.

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Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions

The NHS prescription charge is a flat rate amount which successive Governments have thought it reasonable to charge for those who can't afford to pay for their medicines. Prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) offer real savings for people who need a lot of medication.

Prescription charges and Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPC).

Prescription charges and who does not need to pay.